Taking advantage of the rising sun.

Country: Japan
Peak power (MWp): 1,2 MW
Location: Kinugawa
Year connected: 2014
Peak power (MWp):

The maximum electrical power that the facility can generate under standard conditions. The peak power is not the maximum power that a facility can generate; if the standard conditions are surpassed then it can generate more power than the peak power.

Solar hours (Kwh/Kwp):

The energy generated per unit of power. It depends on the physical and environmental factors of the area and the facility itself.


The total area occupied by the facility. The extent of the area depends on the inclination and separation of the panels to avoid shade and the technology used.

Estimated return

It is an estimate made from the total cost of the installation and the estimated annual revenue based on the number of solar hours set and the data available the year it is connected. Depreciation costs, increases due to the aging of installation, maintenance costs, fees and other taxes are not taken into account.